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Upcoming Articles

We’re working on articles on the following topics in upcoming issues of Casefile Clues:

  • an 1850 census enumeration
  • an early 18th century land record from Maryland
  • an early 18th century probate record from New England
  • an early 20th century death certificate
  • a War of 1812 pension affidavit

Record analysis is always done looking at that one specific record–what it says, what it does not, how reliable the information is, who the likely informant is, what the research goals are, and ideas for moving forward.

Stay tuned!

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Keeping Goals in Mind

Goals are important.

That’s why in every issue of Casefile Clues where a document is analyzed, we discuss the goals of the specific research that was being done when the record was located.

It’s important to keep research goals in mind. Our goal should be to find all the available information to answer a specific question. Gathering anything and everything we can find can sometimes answer questions, but it can easily cause us to go astray.

Rabbit holes are tempting, but they should be avoided.




Happy to be Back!

We are happy to be back in production!

If you have missed issues, please email me at or–and let me know what issue you need.

Back issues for volumes 1-3 can be ordered on our site. Delivery is immediate.

We’ve got some interesting topics coming up, including:

  • an 1850 census enumeration
  • a Virginia land record
  • an affidavit from a Civil War pension
  • an affidavit from a bounty land claim
  • and more….

Suggestions for topics are welcome–but it does have to be something I’ve actually researched or know something about. If there’s a previous topic you’d like to see, feel free to let me know.