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Making a Chronology of What Eliza Jane Said in 1892


Part of our analysis in this issue included a chronology of statements made by Eliza Jane Ramsey in her 1892 affidavit in support of her widow’s pension based upon her husband’s service in the Mexican War. There’s more to the analysis than that chronology, but it’s a good organizational tool all the same.

Year Event
About 1795 Harrison Ramsey born.
Before Mexican War Harrison Ramsey’s first wife (unnamed) died.
1846 Harrison and Andrew Ramsey work in the Galena, Illinois, mines.
1847 Harrison and Andrew Ramsey enlist in Mexican War.
During Mexican War Andrew Ramsey died.
1854 Harrison Ramsey meets Eliza Jane.
1855 Harrison Ramsey marries Eliza Jane.
1858 Harrison Ramsey dies.
1892 Eliza Jane Ramsey makes out an affidavit in support of her widow’s pension claim.

A New Guardian

Issue 4-17 discusses a guardianship appointment where the previous guardian’s appointment is revoked. Here’s part of the document we analyzed:

This day on evidence to the Court, and the court being advised in the premises, and it appearing that George Fennan who has been appointed by this Court Guardian of Franzise Bieger aged 5 years on the 27th day of January last, and of Louise Bieger aged 1 year on the 27th day of May last, and also administrator of the estate of Peter Bieger decd of this state he is hereby removed from his said office