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Upcoming Issue

We’re working on a transcription of an affidavit from a Mexican War pension. This couple moved from Illinois, to New Mexico and  California, back to Tennessee, only to return to California.

The affidavits discuss the family’s financial status and the health of the veteran. The veteran’s grandsons helped the veteran with his work and fortunately they and their relationship to the veteran are stated in the papers.

Stay Tuned!

Federal Benefit Records

One of the most overlooked records for researchers looking for American ancestors in the pre-1900 era are federal benefit records. A significant proportion of American citizens received some sort of benefit during this time period–usually through military service. For service before the American Civil War, those benefits were generally land warrants although some later veterans did receive pensions. For service in the Civil War, pensions constitute the majority of these benefits. Spouses were often included and other family members may be named.

Of course affidavits were given with the intention of maximizing the probability that the applicant received the benefit. It was not unheard of for someone to exaggerate their financial situation–not all, but a few. The affidavits can be analyzed on their own, but should also be utilized for clues.

They are one of our favorite items to analyze in Casefile Clues.