Going Forward

I’m excited about¬†Casefile Clues being up and running again. Writing is always an excellent way to strengthen your research, see things you overlooked, get new ideas on other problems, etc.

As a reminder, I only write on families or use examples from my own personal research on my children’s ancestry with an emphasis on my own background (a copy of my ancestor table is posted on our blog). There’s ¬†quite a bit of variety there and I try and pick items that are representative of records in general and make commentary about the records and not just the family they involve.

I don’t just “grab” a record from a random family and discuss it. Every record was created in several contexts: historical, social, political, economic, and familial. I don’t like analyze any record without knowing something about the family the record involves. That helps to make the analysis stronger and sometimes causes me to notice things in the record that might be overlooked.

I always try and include a “where to go next” based on the document being discussed in those issues that are focused on one record. While looking at everything is always the ideal, it’s not the reality for a variety of reasons. That “where to go next” section tries to emphasis which records should be accessed first, which ones may be cost-prohibitive to obtain, and which ones are less likely to have the desired information. It’s sometimes difficult to make those suggestions without knowing something about the family. Part of our purpose is to give readers ideas to help them in their own research.

I’m working on a list of general topics that will be the focus of future newsletters and will post that when it is complete.

Thanks for your support of Casefile Clues. It is appreciated.



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