12 Free Issues of Casefile Clues

We’re excited that Casefile Clues is back up and running. Writing is a great way to improve your research (speaking just for me) and reading about records, analysis, interpretation, and methodology is great for readers.

Subscribe by 30 July and we’ll send 12 issues for free.

Subscriptions normally start with the next issue, but we’ll send the first 12 issues of volume 4 with our compliments for subscriptions that are ordered by 30 July.

Casefile Clues strives to be readable, clearly written, practical, and down-to-earth. Find out more on our website.


5 thoughts on “12 Free Issues of Casefile Clues

    1. mjnrootdig Post author

      If you subscribed, they should have been sent automatically. If you didn’t get them, please email me at the address in your receipt.Thanks!

  1. Aimee

    Hi Michael, I was wondering if the new issues of Case File Clues are sent by email and when do you usually send them. Thank you

    1. mjnrootdig Post author

      Usually over the weekend, but sometimes that does vary. I always post to this blog after an issue has been sent. They are all named in a similar fashion casefile_clues_x_y.pdf where x is the volume and y is the issue. Some subscribers keep them in a folder to read later or again, etc. and this helps them to know they’ve got them all. Thanks!


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