We’ve picked up several new subscribers as a result of our recent promotion.



As a reminder, Casefile Clues is sent as a PDF file attached to an email. Issues are for personal use only and not to be forwarded, shared, etc. We try and keep subscription rates as low as possible and we appreciate those who help us out by not sharing.

Newsletters are named in a similar fashion: casefile_clues_x_y.pdf where x is the volume number and y is the specific issue number. Some subscribers find it helpful to put them in a separate folder–but the names make it easy to see if you happen to be missing an issue.

Issues are sent from either mjnrootdig@gmail.com or michael.john.neill@gmail.com. Issues usually go out on the weekend, but there is some variability in that schedule. I always post to this blog when an issue goes out. Sometimes messages get bounced back because email boxes are full, temporary errors, etc. If you see that an issue has been sent and you don’t have it, please let me know.




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