My Blogs

I maintain the following genealogy blogs:

  • Rootdig.comMichael’s thoughts, research problems, suggestions, and whatever else crosses his desk
  • Genealogy Tip of the Dayone genealogy research tip every day–short and to the point
  • Genealogy Search Tipwebsites I’ve discovered and the occasional online research tip–short and to the point
  • Casefile Clues–information on my genealogy how-to newsletter which focuses on analysis, interpretation, and methodology through case studies and document analysis.

Subscription to these blogs is free. Subscribe/Unsubscribe links are in every email and on the top of each blog page.

Subscription to the actual Casefile Clues newsletter (emailed as a PDF file) is on a fee basis–only $20 for 52 issues. Subscription to the weekly blog update is only $5 a year.

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