It Is Fun to Write

Now that Casefile Clues is back on track, I’m realizing how much fun it actually is to write and I’m reminded of how important actual writing, summarizing, and compiling analysis is to research. It is one thing to think through your reasoning in your mind.

It is another thing to put that reasoning to paper.

Writing up analysis and methodology strengthens your research. That’s true even if you never intend to have anyone else read your written up conclusions.

We’ve done several articles involving Civil War pension applications and we’ll soon be leaving those for other types of records and documents. I’m open to suggestions for what to write about, keeping the following in mind:

  • I only write about people that I am actually researching.
  • I only write about things of which I have a working knowledge.
  • I also tend to focus on things that interest me–bored writers make for bored readers.

If there’s something from an earlier article that really interests you or on which you’d like to see a followup, please let me know.

I can be reached at

Thanks for your support of Casefile Clues. 

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