Volume 4 Back Issues

So far, volume 4 has included:

  • 1-No Divorce: Michael and Margaret Separate in 1862
  • 2-2/504th of Grandpa’s Estate: Partitioning out the Estate of Bernard Dirks
  • 3-Eighty Acres to the Assignee: David Newman Gets Some Iowa Land
  • 4-Overseeing My Children’s Labors: Volke Sartorius Petitions to Be Guardian
  • 5-Trying to Remove Desertion Charges: the 1883 Application of George A. Trautvetter
  • 6-Two Deaths in Six Months: the Harper Women from West Point
  • 7-A Pennsylvanian Sells Ohio Land in the 1830s: Thomas Chaney
  • 8-An 1882 Baptism in Nebraska: Tjode Anna Goldenstein
  • 9-Freeing the Slaves & All to Sarah: the 1836 Will of William Newman
  • 10-Two Families or One: the 1870 Census Enumeration of Philip Smith
  • 11-The Bible Says 13 Births: An Affidavit in a Civil War Pension File
  • 12-Mother is 92: A Daughter Testifies in a War of 1812 Pension File
  • 13-An 1896 Marriage Certified to in 1917

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